2024 Mission

2024 Mission to Guatemala – February 16th – February 26th

As usual, we take a red-eye flight on Friday, February 16th, and return on Monday, February 26th.

The 2024 Mission will be in San Mateo, Quetzaltenango, a city in Guatemala’s western highlands, 7,656 feet (2,334 meters) above sea level near the foot of the Santa María volcano. The high elevation causes the temperature to drop below freezing in the dry season. It is linked to Guatemala City, 70 miles (110 km) to the east, by paved highway and air routes, and has a population of 225,000. Quetzaltenango is a center for trade between the coast and the highlands and a processing center with textile factories, mills, and breweries. The city has preserved much of its Neoclassical architecture. Xela is its much shorter nickname, derived from the old Mayan name for the city, Xelaju. It’s pronounced “sheh-la.”