About Us

About the Los Angeles Medical Mission Team

Los Angeles Medical Mission Team is a 501(c3) nonprofit organization. All contributions are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by the Internal Revenue Code.

We are a team of volunteers who travel to Guatemala annually and provide free medical care to the citizens. Half our volunteers are medical professionals, including general practitioners, surgeons, dentists, and nurses. They are supported by the other half of the volunteers, “Helpers,” that serve as translators and assist the medical professionals.

For one week a year, we take over a hospital that is not operating and set up our equipment and supplies. While there, we will see about 1,000 patients in the clinic for wellness checkups, general ailments, and dental issues. On average, our surgical staff will perform 135 surgeries, such as gallbladder removals, tubal ligations, and hernias. And when the size of our team allows, we also send an outreach team into a local village so people who don’t have access to transportation can see a clinic doctor and/or a dentist.

In 2020, during our mission in Salama, we performed 144 surgeries and saw 1,078 patients in the clinic and dental area. We were able to send out an outreach team and saw 177 patients. Throughout the week, we issued 179 referrals for patients to be seen by future teams.